and in other news…

Steady day and stellar sales on Saturday.

Our former ovens/kitchen guy (JC) is home from college and had mentioned to us last week that if we wanted to take a night off? He’d be our guy.

So tonight? He was our guy.

Whitey and I were full speed all morning and that *one* FrontGal didn’t show up. Yeah. The gal that called me her “other mom” and called Whitey “Poppa Steve”. Whitey called her, but of course, she didn’t answer so he just left a message.

Live and learn. Loyalty lies with whom you lie/lay with (and if you don’t read out loud EACH word of that sentence and get what I’m talking about, you won’t find the genius in it.)

When our newest FrontGal showed up upon our opening hour, the three of us rocked it

THREE TIMES our normal Saturday lunch sales, and not a problem at all. Nada. Smiles all around. Right ON!

Whitey was emotionally exhausted, and I can’t blame him. He invests a lot of heart into these kids, and is pretty bummed out. We sent him home at 3:30, and JC, myself, and the two newest kitchen guys worked the back-of-the-house.

I chugged a Rockstar Energy drink, and watched our crew gel.

Want to know how I’m looking at this drama? Really and truly?

Oh LOOK! A speed bump.

“How’s that pizza up top – have you spun it? Get a box…. what’s up next? I can take it.”

Yeah. I can take it. But it doesn’t mean that I forgot to point the new security cameras towards the parking lot.

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