Did I mention that I got swine flu? No?

The day we got back from Hawaii, I was feeling a bit sluggish. When we re-opened the restaurant on Friday, I didn’t show up. I had a feeling I was getting sick, and didn’t want to infect anyone. Later that night, this happened:

Then this:

(I have photos only because I was sending them to Whitey who was at work, giving him updates as to how I was feeling)

I didn’t bother taking a photo when my fever rose to 103.7-degrees, though, and instead went straight to the hospital.

They put me in a “special” room for people with flu-like symptoms, where I sat waiting for my test results to come back.

It was swell.

When Whitey sent me a text asking if I was feeling better, I just replied with the photo above. Body chills, sweating, teeth-chattering, headache…. I felt like I was dying.

Then I noticed that the pillow was dirty on the gurney – as if it had writing under the pillow case.

Well there’s a way to cheer me up! Seriously. Written right on the dang pillow. I left the case off so that the doctor would notice that I saw it.

When he came in 45-minutes later, he confirmed that I had the flu.


I was given Vicodin (which I hate, hate, hate and wouldn’t and didn’t take), Tami-Flu tablets, and an inhaler. I have asthma, and this particular flu can trigger bad symptoms of it.

I went home, packed a bag, and used Lysol on every single surface in the house. I sanitized every doorknob, counter, sink, mirror, chair, remote, etc. and moved out.

Thankfully, the condo was empty, so I put myself into quarantine. I felt like I had been kicked over and over by a horse, and my cough was so violent I’d have to sit down to do so. It was gnarly.

Whitey had to work open to close every day that I was gone, and I felt so guilty about it. Everyone pitched in to help him, though, and the place didn’t burn down.

It was an extended vacation that I didn’t need.


Now where were we?

Oh yes – our Christmas Party!

We shut down early and then got to work. 🙂

First we set up the dining room. Muscles had to move Persey, of whom I believe he’s become quite fond of.

Then we started cooking…

Over 20lbs. of Alaskan King Crab were flown in for the occasion. One can eat only so much pizza, you know.

Crab, red potatoes with a sour cream & chive sauce, a big Caesar salad, meaty lasagna, and big loaves of buttery garlic bread. Oh mama. Hold me.

After eating more than a human being should, we prepared for the White Elephant gift exchange. No present over $10 dollars.

A gift may only be stolen twice, and we ended up with some bizarre items on the table.



Heinz “Spotted Dick” in a can. How very English. Or British. Or something.

Olivia, the “walking life-sized” doll. Poor Olivia. She should have never come out of the box.

The Snuggie!

As seen on TV!

So after the enormous meal and our gift exchange, some terrible, awful, no good, very bad things happened.

Here’s a hint:

Oh yes. We did.

We sang our hearts out while the boys hid in the kitchen. I had thought we sang pretty well until I listened to this recording the next morning:

Oh dear.

Days later, we were still hearing that it was the best Christmas party that anyone had been to, so Mission Accomplished. 🙂


My folks came to visit, and mom helped me I helped my mom decorate the Paizano’s submission for the Festival of Trees. It’s an annual charity fundraiser, and the decorated trees are auctioned off during a three-day event. Our theme? The Birds n’ the Bees!

Covered in birds and tree branches, yet we couldn’t find bees anywhere! Lo-and-behold, mom went to the Sycamore Tree (a local gift shop) and mentioned our problem. They dug around in back and found the perfect Bumble bees! We were set.

With a lot of help from the Martha Stewart Glitter collection and many glue sticks pumped through the hot gun, we made the most AWESOME tree I’d ever seen!

I was told that the tree sold for top dollar, amazing even one of the organizers of the event. I hope it found a happy home.


Santa brought Whitey a new 9mm, so we’ve been going out shooting a lot lately.

On Christmas Day, we met one of our cooks to shoot his guns as well, and totally rednecked it up.

James is a really good shot. He rarely misses when shooting at clay pigeons.

Look at those beautiful mountains in the background. What a great view we have here in Baker.

I tried out James’ shotgun and it almost knocked me over. I still have a sore shoulder from its recoil. The 9mm is too much for me, the .22 is too little. I need a Goldilocks gun – one that’s  just right.


Business has been good the past few weeks. Christmas parties kept us running, and the new snow helped to bring us a few more deliveries than normal. Typically it will slow down in January, then pick back up in February. April is another slow month for some reason. Maybe it’s the seasons changing; makes people want to nest at home. Hmm. Pondering.


I’ll try not to wait so long before posting in the future… and will now return to my regular blogging schedule.


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