Good Pizza is Priceless

(click photo above to read the letter posted on NPR)

Dear Satchel,

You are so dead-on, so right, so all-knowing… and I want a job.


PS: Here is a snippet from a gal on Facebook, Satchel, just to make you smile.

PSS: We need your salad dressing recipe, stat. I’ve had requests here in Eastern Oregon, which is about as far away from Gainesville, FL, as you can get. No joke.

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2 Responses to Good Pizza is Priceless

  1. Jen F says:

    I’ll drive from Bend to Baker City for the salad dressing. No joke.

    And no, Satchel, that isn’t my FB status. I’ve never had your pizza. In fact I’ve actually never been to your restaurant. A friend brought back some of the SECRET dressing and likes me enough that she shared it with me. And now I’m hooked.

    I need to drive to Baker City soon to get my Sweet Thai Shrimp fix, anyways. 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    Jen, I need a girls weekend and I need some Thai Shrimp pizza. We should do a road trip. I’ll even drive.

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