Politics n’ Religion

Steer clear, my momma always said, about talking Politics or Religon. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and yet won’t falter to continue to try to change your mind if it’s not of the same persuasion.

So I’ll just send a friendly link to a very blunt letter written by a small business owner, and ask that you read it.

It’s based on Measures 66 and 67 which are being voted on here in Oregon. It’s certainly not a Democrat / Republican issue, nor is it a religious issue…. but it definitely is a hot topic.

Because I am a stats kind of gal, I looked up what we paid as a corporation last year. Interestingly enough, we paid more in taxes to our state and federal government every day than we pay our highest-wage earner per day.

Uncle Sam is making the big bucks at Paizano’s.

Here’s the link

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2 Responses to Politics n’ Religion

  1. Lyle says:

    Well stated Kina! Your momma was right especially when it comes to business. You will find that their will be a split in your customers feelings regarding this or any other issue of it’s type. It is frustrating for me to see the twists and miss-truths that I see used in this issue especially from the “yes” perspective.

    What is equally frustrating is that there are greedy corporations out there who have been bailed out by our government while that same government uses that to make the miss-conception that all corporations are greedy and must be some how punished and made to pay their fair share.

    I laughed earlier this past year, when I recieved an email from one of our local politicians who helped set these bills up and pass them. She revelled at her ability to as she stated “Assist the Middle class” with her new bills. My counter email was totally ignored by her. Since then, her husband who is another local elected official has stepped forward to come to the aid of his wife and make the fear statement that if we don’t pass these bills, many criminals will be let out of our jails and prisons.

    This same man is suppose to be the person that we lean on to prosecute people for blackmail. Yet, aren’t their statements a form of black mail itself. If you don’t vote for our bill, you will be taking money away from the elderly and such. If you don’t vote for our bill, you will be forcing us to release prisoners. Do you think we could pursuade him to prosecute himself and his spouse?

  2. Mom says:

    I say talk about the weather, it’s always a safe subject (oh wait I forgot about globel warming )

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