Year over Year

We were DEAD last night, and I mean DEAD.

Our lunch crowd was busy, but after 4p.m. we all found projects to do. New gal found “the spot” and pocketed an extra $10, so that was good. The kitchen guys scrubbed the floors and (get this) washed the walls. At least the kitchen looks spotless.

Whenever we’re slow, I take comfort in looking at the numbers from the last two years on that particular day. The oddest trend has emerged; we are usually in the same ballpark year-over-year, and thankfully, a bit higher year-over-year. In looking at last year’s sales, we were within forty dollars. I should almost predict how busy we’ll be by looking at the numbers from last year, and also the weather. We’ve taken to writing down in our daily log book “Busy, Warm, Patio slammed” or “Freaking COLD, slow lunch, Busy late, basketball game” so that we can understand the trends of our sales.

It’s currently snowing, and looks as if we’re about to get dumped on. That usually bodes badly for dining room traffic, and busy for deliveries. Our new delivery driver has never driven in snow before, of course.

If we get too busy, I’ll have to call in Whitey to drive, which he loves (sarcasm).

Better get to it.

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One Response to Year over Year

  1. JC says:

    Fest or Famine seems to be the trend. Unless your the new place in town here in Bend. Then you go like crazy until everyone has tried your place and then you try to survive. Just a quick note another pizza place is opening in Bend next month in the old Skippers location next to Carrera Motors. Family style pizza with salads, subs and sandwiches.

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