Fast n’ Furious Friday

What a night!

Our rush started around 3:30, and by 5 o’clock we were in full swing. Typically we would have an exclusive delivery driver, but seeing as how it’s been slow we decided to do without.

At 4:30, FrontGal asked if she should call in Whitey to deliver.

“Nope,” I said. “We can handle this. Let’s just DO IT!”

And do it we did.

There was a basketball game at the high school vs. our arch-rivals, so the parking lot was packed. After our early rush, I printed off about 100 fliers and we all took turns putting the advertisements on the vehicles a block away. One of the kitchen guys got grumpy – he wanted to watch the game. I told the other kitchen guy to let him stay, then, and that we’d clock him out. More tips for you guys, I explained.

We made a few more slice pies and ended up selling almost all of them.

————— delivery story ——————–

I decided to take one of the deliveries that was to the Geiser hotel, because I knew that the couple had been in earlier to check out the menu. I was curious how they had heard about us.

I parked in front of the big-chain pizza place right next door, waved at their crew (who just glared at me), and walked into the hotel.

The guy who answered looked vaguely familiar, and when I asked how they had heard about us, he said that he was from Bend and had heard that a former employee of Cibelli’s (a pizza place in Bend) had opened Paizano’s and he sought us out.

“Absolutely not,” I answered. He looked skeptical.

“Really. I never worked at Cibelli’s, and I’m the owner,” I continued.

“Wait, you’re Kina,” he said. “You used to work at the Bulletin.”

HAH! Turns out that I was his rep over 5 years ago. That’s why he looked so familiar.

We chatted briefly, and he said that he’s here checking out Baker City and thinking about moving here. He’s really into skiing, cross-country and biking, so I can’t see why he wouldn’t love our area. I told him to keep in touch, and that I’d be more than happy to share what I’ve learned about our small town.


The kitchen was a disaster when I got back. New FrontGal was territorial about the dish hole, scrubbing, stacking & organizing. Everyone really likes her – she’s a tad OCD which is fine by me.

By the time we clocked-out, it was nearly midnight. A very long day.

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2 Responses to Fast n’ Furious Friday

  1. Jen says:

    For a short time there was a Paizano’s (or variation on the spelling) in Prineville… that one *was* opened by former Cibelli’s employees. I don’t think they were in business more than 6 months. Anyways, that’s probably where he got the info. 🙂

  2. PIzza Girl says:

    Sounds like my kind of dishes-girl. They look at me strangely when I swat away the other people assigned to dishes. They just don’t understand that dishes are happy when things are done in a certain order.

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