Me n’ Google are tight

Guess what I’ve got?!???

Only the most amazing thing since the invention of the cell mobile phone:


I am so So SO diggin’ this. Right now, it’s by invite only (beta stage) but I haven’t found any problems.

I chose my phone number based on the last four digits of my current phone number, and have been playing with all of the goods that it has to offer.

Here’s what happens.

I give you my local, normal phone number. You call it. I can program whether I want your call to go to my home/mobile/work/other phone OR go straight to Voicemail (which has the option of being custom-recorded just for you) OR be blocked as Spam OR be blocked as YouCanNeverTalkToMeAgain.

Voicemail converted to text converted to text message sent to a mobile phone? Yep.

Go straight to Voicemail? Okay.

Announce who’s calling and ask what to do? Absolutely!

Record a conversation…? Oh. You betcha! One of the coolest features of all!

I need Google Voice for our restaurant! I could program outgoing “hold” messages for every customer, targeting their favorite orders.

“Hello Barb, thanks for waiting. Are you going to have the Red Potato Pie tonight? If you feel like going a bit crazy, we have a great special on Sweet Thai Shrimp pizza…. We’ll be right with you!”

This tech stuff is super exciting for me. Sorry if I bored you.


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2 Responses to Me n’ Google are tight

  1. Matt says:

    Welcome to the collective. 😀 I do love Google Voice!

  2. Adrienne H says:

    It’s the simple things : )

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