Don’t be jealous

Google loves me.

Or, they’re straight-up stalking me and tracking my every move.

I’m really starting to realize the potential of the latest, greatest invention that is Google Voice, and have hope that one day I can use it for Paizano’s. It will put many of the “on-hold” companies out of business, of course, but for me to have the authority to direct calls to different phones, voice-mail messages, or straight-up SPAM boxes….

MAN! I’m sounding geeky.

So the Google BUZZ! What’s up with that?

I googled it (of course) and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton *still* didn’t get his invite even with his millions of page hits a day. Supposedly Google is only inviting 1% of their users, which is similar to how they introduced their email reader as well.

I’m guessing it’s very much like FaceBook meets a live chat room, yet of which you can choose the viewers of your posts or shared items. I’m stoked to be a part of all of the beta testing that Google does, but I wonder….

Isn’t this just like the Conspiracy Theorists keep preaching?

As a restaurant owner, I tend to think that COGs translates to Cost Of Goods.


I wonder if it means Church of Google… ?

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