Frustrated with our oven

We live in a pretty small town, so finding someone to fix our equipment is definitely a hardship. We’ve had to learn to fix things ourselves. Whitey and I aren’t so…. what’s the word? Handy? We just aren’t mechanically inclined.

Our deck pizza oven is in need of repair. One morning, it took Whitey close to TWO HOURS to get it lit, and so we were unable to use it for lunch that day. Eventually, we had a local heating and A/C guy come down, and he was able to rig a repair so that it lit, but we couldn’t shut it off. He said he’d order a part, and would be able to fix it “soon”. That was over a month ago.

In the meantime, we just turn down the oven at night to 350, and keep the little blue flame lit just enough that it fires right back up in the morning.

Turns out that’s becoming really expensive. Our gas bill has gone up dramatically, and I’m at a loss as to what to do.

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One Response to Frustrated with our oven

  1. satchel says:

    maybe it’s time for a new oven?

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