2 Mistakes

Yesterday was busy.

And by busy, I mean “I needed to call you in” busy.

Whitey called me at lunchtime to do deliveries, and it was a bit chaotic.

One particular delivery was for $96 worth of pizza. The location ended up being a job site, and I felt bad that they didn’t have ice for their 2-liters. Even in 40-degree weather, these guys were sweating.

They paid me with a check (for $100) and I offered to bring back ice. Guy was nice enough, saying “No, that’s okay” but I insisted and told him I’d be right back.

Seven minutes later, I returned with two bags of ice and he handed me another $9 bucks. How cool was that?

(reminder: I don’t take one penny of the tips – they are split by all of the people who work that day)

After what we thought was the lunch rush, Whitey told me to go home to take a break; that it might be a busy night as well.

Either I didn’t hear my phone ring, or he didn’t truly call me, but supposedly they got bombarded after I left.

He gladly went home at 3:30 and I arrived at 4 o’clock.

From 4:01 on, we were slammed. I had a full crew, shoot, even one person over our normal staff, and I couldn’t handle it. First was what we like to call Sandwich Hell, then five 2-foot pizzas, then a 25-top walks in… and then the delivery calls began. The two front gals were running like crazy, and we were backed up to a point that I didn’t want to quote any more times on to-go orders.

I caved and called in Whitey.

He was there in moments (we only live a mile away) and took over alongside of me on the make line.

And impressively, he allowed me to call the shots.

Everything jived and we only had two mistakes all night.

1: Delivery driver forgot to take the small side of Italian dressing for a sandwich.
2: Delivery driver didn’t take the side of basil for a Margherita.

We put the dressing on the side so that the sub doesn’t get soggy during transit, and the basil on the side so that it doesn’t wilt and turn brown by the time the pizza gets delivered.

Bah. Of course those two mistakes were all I could think about for the rest of the night.

The dish hole was pure awfulness, so I jumped in and washed dishes for an hour until my hands were pruned and funky. We didn’t have anyone working up front who knew how to close the till, so I did that for another half an hour.

After closing and looking at our numbers, I realized that this had been our busiest night of the new year so far. Everyone enjoyed their food, the crew got along and communicated well, and the place looked great at the end of the night.

It’s just those two mistakes I can’t stop thinking about.

Here’s a photo of our crew last night, minus our Delivery Driver who was out on a call and Whitey, who had already gone home.

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3 Responses to 2 Mistakes

  1. Jen says:

    Look how tough my girls are!

  2. shannon says:

    This post makes me want to come and get a pizza!

  3. KeenEye says:

    No, Jen. MY girls. Mine. Got it? Now make me a dang cheesecake.

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