Hallmark Day

I need to create a “holiday” in which everyone must buy pizza for their friends because if they don’t, their friends will think that they don’t care about them.

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Obviously.

One should surprise their partner daily, not annually.

To me, and again this is just my own opinion, a few nice words written on a post-it note are more romantic than a $5 Hallmark card with something already written in it.

When I was in high-school, Valentine’s Day was huge. The girl who had the most balloons, flowers, candy, whatever, was loved the most. Jason, my high school sweetheart, bought me a dozen roses and a dozen balloons one Valentine’s Day and I was beyond thrilled.

If Whitey were to do that for me today, I’d let Max attack the balloons (which would be AWESOME to watch) and I’d most likely take the flowers to work and hand them out to people.


Happy Hallmark Day to everyone.

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One Response to Hallmark Day

  1. shannon says:

    It is exactly how I feel. Everyday is vday in our house esp with a toddler who likes to give big wet kisses.

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