Baker Food Co-op

If you don’t live in Baker City, this post won’t be relevant.

If you do live in Baker City, absolutely take note…

the new-and-improved Baker Food Co-op is AWESOME!

The former location, right next to Paizano’s, is gone.

Thank goodness.

It was cramped and tiny, with no room for merchandising or even enough room for more than five shoppers at one time.


(cue harp music)

Shiny, sparkling, clean and spacious. Look at those FLOORS!

TONS of new items, or maybe I just noticed much more because I wasn’t as claustrophobic.

Neat little rows all tidy and organized. Someone with OCD must be in charge.

So many treats and goodies. The gluten-free selection is beyond sufficient.

Look at how many different gluten-free pastas they have! Seriously.

A plethora of bulk-bin items – many more flours, beans, and the rice selection is stellar. Sushi rice? No problem. They even have the nori to roll it in.

The reach-in is stocked with beautiful romaine, leeks, peppers… all organic and most are locally-grown. LOVE THIS!

The website is a tad out-dated (July ’09 “news” and Holiday baskets are still advertised) and so the new location isn’t noted.

Find them on Broadway, about a block and a half off of Main Street… between Charlie’s Ice Cream and El Eraderro on the same side of the street.

Congrats on the new space you guys! And thank you!!!

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3 Responses to Baker Food Co-op

  1. Tom says:

    Huge improvement. We are very lucky to have a food co-op in little ol Baker City. Not many, or any towns in Eastern Oregon are this fortunate. We got some grape tomatoes last weekend. They were way better than the big chains had to offer.

  2. Arnie says:

    I have updated the website with a few things and taken off the holday stuff. With the move, we are all putting in a lot more time, and I let the website go for a bit, but I have had a few minutes for a quick update. Thanks All.

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