A Small Act

I’ve had this desk for almost ten years.

About 9-years ago, I received a fortune cookie message that I taped on to it. It’s my mantra.

Three years ago, I read a quote on a friend’s blog that earned its place alongside of my fortune cookie slip.

I read it every day.

It reads:
A good citizen will give some of their time and money to others, to make their community and their neighbors more successful. But if you do this to extreme, then by not taking care of yourself you become a burden to society instead of a boon. For a successful community, it’s also of benefit to be successful yourself.

So remember our custom paddle that was done by Splinters?

This guy Dave? He’s pretty cool.

A while back, he sent me an email saying that he wanted to thank me for my business by helping a local family in need, and asked how he could go about purchasing a gift certificate and getting it in the right hands.

The next day, one of our regular customers walked in and asked about purchasing a gift certificate for a family in need.

A mom and her four kids had just been relocated into an apartment. They had been living in a tent up until that week, with below-zero freezing temperatures. Our customer was creating a “family night out” for them, with dinner and a movie for all five of them.

I almost cried telling her that the gift certificate was already paid for by a guy in Montana.

Of course, I wouldn’t think of charging Splinters. It’s like a Karma train, feeding each other, doing unto others and so on and so forth.

Charity is the ultimate religion.

Be good to each other.

The End.

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One Response to A Small Act

  1. Missy says:

    You’ve brought tears to my eyes, Kina. Miss you!

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