Big Days ahead

We might be over-extending ourselves.

The district basketball tournaments begin today in Baker City. We’re only a block away from the high school, so we end up getting quite a bit of business from this.

Tomorrow, I’ve committed to doing a catering job for four meals over two days. Lunch and dinner on Friday, then breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Of course, five people are vegetarians, one is gluten-free, and another is lactose-intolerant.

On Saturday night, we’re hosting the hospitality room for the coaches of the tournament as well.

We’re going to be full-steam these next couple of days, and I’m not hiding the fact that I’m nervous.

This is our first really big catering order. We’ve done groups of 100 before, but it was all pizza. This is an entirely different ballgame, with beverage service, eggs, build-your-own bars, etc.

Cross your fingers that we can pull it off.

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3 Responses to Big Days ahead

  1. Calhoun says:

    You guys will do great! I can’t wait to stop in soon to see all you guys.

  2. That One FG says:

    Everything will be A OKAY!!!!! I am PRAYING!! ; ] HEHEHEHHEHEHE

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