On Sale… somewhere

I remember when taking Advertising 101 in college, our teacher gave us a piece of paper on which was written:

(maybe) Why?

The basics of a good ad, regardless of the medium.

Here’s an ad that’s been running regularly in our local newspaper that is lacking the most obvious thing.

Just a reminder that sometimes the basics are the easiest things to overlook.

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3 Responses to On Sale… somewhere

  1. OK.. You are sharing one of my pet peeves!!!! Businesses pay advertising reps good money to run their adds and they assume the ad rep is going to let them know if critical info is missing, or that they are going to catch an error, even when THEY make the error (ok, not them but the graphic artist who is doing the layout)! I have seen perfectly written ads get submitted during round 1, only to have a phone number dropped, or something miss-spelled and then printed – because a business just assumes the paper (or other print media) is actually reading what they do!!!! Proof, proof, proof.

    And, then he most irritating thing? Ads that don’t have an address, business name or phone number. Businesses assume everyone that reads that print media are in the same town. But when the paper is read in multiple communities, that info is needed.. Saying ‘downtown’ or ‘ on Main street’ is not helpful…

    OK.. rant over.

  2. monkeyinabox says:

    Hey, they’re WORLD FAMOUS, doesn’t that say it all? 😉

  3. Jason says:

    What about the “Buy a Billboard” deal? The ad even suggests that the reader call the Herald for details. Seems fishy.

    Also can’t resist pointing out the spelling error in Andi’s rant. No offense Andi. It’s just impossible to catch every error all the time. I think even Kina would admit it. Andi’s point, however, is very well taken.

    I just have to keep pinching myself to realize how much I love Paizano’s Pizza, and not just because of the food.

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