So far today? Whoa.

Busiest lunch on record — and a few more curse words than usual were thrown around the kitchen.

First was a lady who called while Whitey was making dough. She wanted a ton of large pizzas delivered at 11:15. No problem. Whitey immediately upped his large dough count to compensate and told her so while on the phone.

45-minutes before the delivery, she calls to upgrade to Giant pizzas. From 14″ pies to 24″ pies is a huge difference. A large takes about 3 to 5 minutes to throw out the dough, sauce, cheese & top. A 24″ pie takes 6 to 12 minutes. Plus, we can only fit 4 Giant pies in the oven at one time.

We weren’t even open yet, and already the kitchen was covered in flour.

I had forgotten to bring in my kitchen shirt, and felt self-conscious about taking the delivery while covered in white flour.

We got the pies to the high-school on time, then I ran another delivery to a local salon. I sped home, grabbed my shirt, and raced back to work.

The make line was filled with tickets. The line at the counter was 10-deep, and the phone would not.stop.ringing.

I could see no way that we could handle this type of crowd by ourselves, and sent a 4-letter word via text to one of our kitchen guys: HELP

He was there in 60-seconds.

For a solid 90-minutes, we were in full-speed mode.

Then we were in staring-at-each-other-incredulously mode. How we pulled off today’s lunch was beyond me.

90-minutes of prep before the dinner rush, and I’m guessing it will be just like last night: slammed.

I live for this.

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