$71 bucks

$71 dollars is how much I had to spend today to file eviction papers and ask to have the couple served. Then again, they might just hole-up in the home and never answer the door! The court date was set for a WEEK from now, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

They get to live rent-free  in a fully-furnished vacation home with heat, electricity, cable, internet…

Isn’t this theft of services? Seriously.

One bad apple ruins the bunch. This sucks.

Back to work.

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3 Responses to $71 bucks

  1. Noe Jones says:

    Geez, now I feel like a moron for paying my rent on time and in full every month. 😉 Sorry you’re having to deal with this sweetie. Smooches!

  2. Tom says:

    Disconnect the utilities if you are paying for it. A cold dark house won’t be very comfortable this time of year.

    • KeenEye says:

      I believe it’s illegal for us to do that. Reading through the landlord / tenant law, it allows the tenant to have many more rights than the landlord. We’re turning off the internet and cable, but without gas & electricity the pipes might freeze, and without water, they may resort to squatting in the tub or the mudroom. The last message she left for me mentioned it was “too cold” to move right now.

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