IP Relay / TTY Scam

What is it with the scumbags lately?

I’ve been getting at least one phone call a day from these scam artists pretending to be deaf.

If you own a business and ever get one of these calls, have the operator type back an email address to send their inquiry to, and hang up. I’m so sick of scam artists and despicable human beings….

Link to details here

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2 Responses to IP Relay / TTY Scam

  1. satchel says:

    i didn’t know it was a scam but figured as much. we’ve had this call twice, always wanting to order 100 pizzas or something ridiculous… and put it on their credit card. since we don’t take credit cards we just say no. i always figured it was the credit card companies trying to get my business.

  2. the operator says:

    hi! are you still receiving relay/TTY calls from a caller ordering unusual volume of foods for pick-up? it’s a scam. if you want more information, send me an email markingsinternational@yahoo.com

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