And the real estate cycle continues

We sold our two homes in Bend years ago, and you’ll recall how upsetting it was to see my former home in shambles afterward.

In 1995, I bought this home for $88,000.

In 2006, I listed it for $240,000 eventually selling it for $281,000.

In 2008, it was foreclosed upon.

In 2009, the bank sold it for $93,000, only $5,000 more than my original price back in ’95.

Someone bought it, has fixed it up, and now it’s back on the market for $179,000.

So does this mean that Bend is once again the “hot-spot” for flipping real estate? According to a recent article in U.S. News & Money Report, Bend is the 6th-ranked most “underwater housing market”.

Clip below:


I read a local Bend realtor’s blog and can’t believe how low some of the homes are selling for. Beautiful, custom homes with intricate woodworking, tile, waterfalls, acreage…. some of which sold a few years ago for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the current listing price.

Would you invest (or re-invest) in real estate in Bend, Oregon?

It sure seems tempting.

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4 Responses to And the real estate cycle continues

  1. JC says:

    AHAHAHAHA buy in Bend you got to be kidding. I’ve been here since 1992 and I watched Bend Boom and Bust. Bought in 2001 and sold in 2007 to bad I lost it all in 2009! Starting over in 2010 and Bend still has a long way to go. I’ve had 4 friends walk away from their homes in the last month and a half a dozen more who are thinking about it. Had two friends buy last year and they are under water this year ouch!!!!! I’ll continue to rent for 2 or 3 more years as I watch 5 year arms sold in 2005-2008 come to term. The bubble will contine pop and alot of people and realtors are in denile.

  2. Calhoun says:

    The housing market, will, make a comback. Just give it time.

  3. Lyle says:

    I got stuck in between two houses and now have two underwater mortgages. My credit rating is very high and I don’t want to harm that so I managed to refinace at the lowest rate that I could swing and am riding it out. But, it does drain my resources and I often think of what I could be doing if I had just been able to sell that house. I can only hope that it will at least swing up enough to one day make my investment at least an even one.

  4. JB says:

    I highly recommend for those who’ve never seen it. Well worth a few minutes a day —

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