You’re not alone, Satchel

I just read Satchel’s post and found myself laughing and nodding in agreement.

He runs a successful pizza place in Florida, and his payroll is more than our pizza place sells in a year… so I can only guess that his problems are just like mine, only on a much bigger scale.

This past Friday kicked all of our butts. At lunchtime, one of the front gals was late getting to work and right at noon we had a line all the way to the patio. I sent a quick text to another front gal who lives nearby (“HELP”) and then called another kitchen guy and asked him to come in.

Tickets were piling up on the printer to the point where we had no room to hang them on the line. The newest kitchen guy was overwhelmed, and I knew we were in the woods.

A lady came to pick up her to-go order, and it hadn’t even been made yet. Two sandwiches. I called out to make them on the fly, stat, right NOW and that probably only flustered the new kitchen guy even more.

When the subs were finally wrapped and ready, I personally took out her order and apologized about the wait. She snapped at me, saying she only had a 30-minute lunch break.

“I really do apologize. It’s not commonplace for us to be this busy, and we’re two people short right now,” I said.

“That’s not my problem,” she spat back. “That’s your problem.”

Eight minutes late. Man. While I felt badly about her order being eight-minutes late, I also felt badly that she was going to be angry the rest of the day and probably take her mood out on her co-workers.

That kind of stuff floats downhill, you know.

We got through lunch, barely, and then had a pretty slow dinner later that night. Steady, but nothing too crazy.

Saturday (yesterday) was the exact opposite. Lunch? Ehhhhh, it was steady. Nothing too dramatic. I didn’t get called in, and at one point Whitey called me “just to talk” because he was bored. But come dinnertime we were making food non-stop.

I wish we knew what to prepare for; how to staff perfectly for any given day. Sometimes we have a full staff in a spotless kitchen with no prep to do, and other times we have half the staff running at full-steam. It’s exhausting trying to predict how busy we’re going to be.

No matter the day, however, I do understand Satchel’s last paragraph so very, very much.



“i should shut up. i love everyone.”

That just cracks me up.

Trying to please all of the people all of the time can make you want to pull your nostril hairs out instead.

I empathize with you, Satchel.

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2 Responses to You’re not alone, Satchel

  1. satchel says:

    my tragic flaw is that i DO want to please all the people all the time. it is possible right???

    • PizzaGirl says:

      Thanks for pointing me towards a great pizza blog I didn’t know about! Also, there’s no perfect way, I hate going in on those nights where I stand around folding boxes for an hour before taking a delivery, but it’s just as miserable to be one of three drivers trying to take fifteen deliveries that are all ready to go out the door.

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