St. Patty’s Day

A few weeks ago, Kris and I went to Boise to pick up a friend from the airport. It just so happened to be St. Patrick’s Day – and this city takes this particular holiday seriously.


We got most of our shopping done for the restaurant, then checked into the hotel to unwind. We relaxed for a while, then set out on foot for dinner.


It had been far too long.

(these ones were crunchy and SPICY!)

We had some great rolls, delicious unfiltered sake, and rolled out of there fat and happy.

It was still fairly early in the evening, but the party had started a looooong time before with the natives.

People were everywhere! I guess it is a college town, so I should have expected it, but man…. all I wanted was to find a rooftop to watch the festivities.

We found it. The Reef had a great rooftop vantage point, a tiki-themed bar, and fire torches to keep warm by.

Our friend’s flight landed around 11 o’clock and he arrived via taxi just in time to watch the silliness ensue. He met us at The Reef, and convinced us to go across the street to a very iffy underground bar.

Of course, blondie thought it was the perfect venue because….

they had a mechanical bull. She was pretty determined to get on that thing.

I was absolutely certain she’d break a leg or a wrist or something, and gave a good effort of talking her out of it. She stood solidly near the gate, waiting for her turn.

I won’t post the video, because the *dismount* was a bit un-ladylike….

yet, she had a blast and couldn’t stop laughing afterward.

We then went next door to a truly annoying dance club, where we watched Kris out-dance the paid go-go dancers on stage. We almost had to drag her out of the place, and finally walked back to our hotel.

The next day came a bit too quickly (for some) and we got a late start.

Brunch at Donnie Mac’s Trailer Park Cuisine ruined our drive home, and we finally made it back to Baker City tired, hungry, and surprisingly ready to get back to work.

I think that next year we’ll have to plan a trip around St. Patrick’s Day in Boise — it was just busy enough to keep us all entertained without feeling claustrophobic.

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