Small-town Headhunting

As I’ve mentioned in the past, finding honest, dependable, hard-working staff is one of our biggest problems. Right now we’re very fortunate in that everyone we have is exactly that.

I’ve noticed a good work-ethic in a few people who work at other businesses (one young man at Albertson’s grocery in particular), and of course, would love to steal them away from their current job.

I know I could swoop in, offer a higher hourly wage and benefits… and most likely they’d come on board.

I don’t.

If someone puts in an application at Paizano’s and already has a current job, that’s different. The employee is looking for a new job – why shouldn’t I hire him/her?

So imagine how ironic I found it when one of my staff was contacted by another restaurant in town. This establishment has recently gone through some ownership / management changes, and typically that’s followed by employees quitting or being terminated. I’ve waited with bated breath for one of their cooks to apply with us, but would never attempt to rock the boat by headhunting so early in their transition.

All it would take is a generic “Help Wanted” flier to be left on a few vehicles in the neighborhood:

Experienced Cooks / Delivery Drivers
Ave. $12-$15/hour DOE
Bonuses, Incentives
Paizano’s Pizza

Slimy tactic, don’t you think? Maybe I’m just not “big-city” enough, but I’d feel incredibly guilty doing this. Is it just me?

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