Good Food Fast, not good fast food

With only two deck ovens to fit FOUR giant pizzas at one time (unless they’re tossed too large which happens more often than not), we can get backed up in the kitchen with orders.

Yet, I can predict within sixty-seconds how long an order will take to be made and delivered to either a dine-in customer, a take-out order, or a delivery. I’m dead-on. I can look at a ticket and those before it, count the minutes in my head how long to make / bake / plate / &or deliver, and even compensate for having a mistake thrown in for good measure.

When I quote “27 minutes” I mean twenty-seven minutes. Not twenty. It’s so irritating when someone shows up five or ten minutes early for a to-go order and asks how much longer they’ll have to wait. I want to tell them, “Listen, I’m OCD. I can absolutely guarantee that your food will be out within 10-seconds of my original time quote.”

We’re not fast food, we’re good food.

We use the best products we can find, and don’t change our recipes very often. Consistently good food is my ultimate goal.


I wish I could use the slogan: Our Guarantee: If you like (bigchain) pizza, you won’t like ours. A bit feisty, but it ends up being true 99% of the time.

There’s a reason that the big chain pizzerias have thousands of franchises and millions of dollars for advertising – they SELL mass quantities of cheap food and people BUY it.

They’ve trained millions of people that cheese should be flavorless, crust should be white on the bottom, and pepperoni shouldn’t be greasy. Please. Real pepperoni has fat in it, folks. Non-greasy pepperoni is processed with fillers to soak it up, and also to remove all resemblance of taste.

I’ve had some instances of customers complaining that their pizza was burnt. I’ll offer to remake it, and of course look at the bottom of their pie to find that it’s perfect, but not to them. They want it white on the bottom. Yuck.

It’s like those people who love fast food. They’re not going to appreciate a gourmet Kobe Beef burger, and most likely end up complaining about the cost.

“Why spend $10 on a burger when I can get four McDoubleCheeseburgers for the same price?”

This is why you have to shrug off those complaints, because truly in this line of business, you will never, ever be able to please all of the people all of the time.

And why would you want to?

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