Catering like a pro

We had our third large catering gig this weekend, and besides a few minor hiccups, it went off smoothly.

These things exhaust me, though. The prep involved, the to-do lists, the timing of everything has to be incredibly accurate, otherwise you end up with really hungry, un-satisfied people.

The facilitator of the event had been requesting salmon and rice pilaf for the previous two catering events, and this time he was insisting upon it. Seeing as how our restaurant doesn’t serve salmon (except on salads), I was pretty nervous about cooking it in bulk and keeping it hot on location.

I ended up making grilled salmon with a yogurt-based sauce with capers and dill. It was delicious! I overheard a few people talking about it the next day during our breakfast service say that they were surprised that a “pizza place” served such gourmet food. 🙂 Yay us!


I was approached in the bank recently from someone who had participated in the events previous to this that we had catered. He asked if we’d cater his wedding reception; that he was pleasantly surprised by the variety of our food and how good everything was.

I told him “maybe” and to call me this Summer. I hadn’t really thought about adding catering to our regular events. As I mentioned, they’re exhausting.

But now that we’ve done three successful events, I’m feeling a bit more confident about it.

Yet, I’m still stuck on “maybe”.

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One Response to Catering like a pro

  1. THAT1FG says:

    Worst that could happen? Why not? It makes somebody’s life a little less stressful!

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