Madre Day

I received two text messages from employees today wishing me a Happy Momma’s Day. It made me happy. Nah, I don’t have kids of my own, but these ones will suffice.

Another employee took me out to lunch, which was really unexpected and sweet.

I sent my mom a web cam to hook up so that we can use Skype to talk over the computer. I miss seeing her face.

My dad broke and sprained the same ankle and is laid up at home. She’s overwhelmed right now trying to run their two, no three, no four businesses and take care of him. He’s a pretty active guy; runs 5-miles a day, saunas everyday, hikes, bikes, etc., so being in a cast has made him miserable. I wish I were closer so that I could help take care of him.

I love you, mom. Thanks for being my best friend.

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One Response to Madre Day

  1. mom says:

    I can’t wait to hook up the web cam. First I have to get one of our drivers to pick up our hard drive and take it in to the computer guys to take care of a nasty virus we have come down with. You do know that I won’t get on Skype until I have my make up on and hair done! So figure around 10 am.

    Love you and miss you much, Mom

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