Saturdays are typically slow until about 1 o’clock. We’re able to get a ton of prep done and do cleaning projects.

Of course, Whitey is golfing in a tournament that we’re sponsoring all weekend, so yesterday was the exception.

From opening the doors at 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. we were so busy, all I could do was laugh. In the first hour of business, we sold almost our typical lunch sales.

Later in the afternoon, a regular delivery customer called in and said that they were really hungry…. how long would it be for delivery?

45-minutes or less is our standard answer.

Then the ticket came back.

4 Blue buffalo strombolis
1 Carnivore stromboli / no sausage
1 XL Pepperoni pizza
Delivered across town

AHHHHHH! We placed our bets on how long it would actually take, and I put my competitive hat on.

Normally, making a stromboli takes about 2 to 3 minutes each.

I busted this order out and had it in the oven in 11 minutes. We were high-fiving and whooping it up for a bit. Man, it was pretty cool knowing we could keep up with the fast pace that was being thrown at us.

Then on Saturday night, we died. With a full staff and not enough work to do, I caught up on some paperwork and went home early after an 11-hour day.

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