Different strokes for different folks

“I can’t believe you serve moldy cheese,” he said to Freebird when she asked how everything was.

“That’s gorgonzola,” she replied. “It’s blue cheese crumbles. If you’d like, I can bring you a new salad without gorgonzola on it.”

She refused, saying she’d just scrape off the “mold”.

Later, Freebird stopped at their table again, asking how they were doing.

“That salad poisoned my wife,” he stated, “and my sandwich was so hot I couldn’t eat it.”

He had ordered an Italian hot sub; the most spicy thing on it is pepperoncinis (listed on the menu in the description, and easy to pick off if you don’t like them).

Freebird reiterated their complaints to me, almost as a question as to what to do to fix it. To make it better. To make them become repeat customers.

Yet, there are always going to be those people who find fault with everything even if you try to fix it. If you order something on a menu and have no idea what one of the main ingredients is, you should ask.

It’s like ordering escargot because it sounds fancy, and sending it back in horror when you find out it’s French for snails.

I just shrugged and smiled, and told her to do the same.

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4 Responses to Different strokes for different folks

  1. Missy says:

    So, um, did the dude finish 80% of the sandwich before he complained?

  2. spabettie says:

    best approach!! for THAT kind of customer, anyway. you can pretty easily tell whether there is something YOU CAN do, and when it is just someone who really, basically is a) looking for FREE, or 2) just unhappy with life.


  3. wendy says:

    If I wasn’t positive my brother hasn’t left town recently, I’d think you were talking about him! I will no longer go to restaurants with him, because he’s too embarrassing.

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