Motorcycle Rally

The Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally begins today here in Baker. Every hotel room is booked, and every business owner is on high alert. Restaurants have stocked up on their inventory, retailers have polished every nook and cranny, and bar owners have purchased extra kegs of beer.

Whitey ordered twice as much cheese as we usually go through, and even that might not be enough. If so, tomorrow will be the second time this week he’s had to drive to Boise to pick up more mozzarella.

My dogs hate the rally. Loud bikes drive them nuts.

I’m anxious about this weekend. Excited, but anxious.

I hope the patio gets a lot of attention. We’ve decked it out with hanging baskets and lots of patio lights. Zac hung up the misters as well, so if it does get to be over 80-degrees we can offer outdoor “air conditioning”.

Calhoun is back for the Summer, and rocked the ovens last night as if he had never left.

I’ve got a full staff of competent,  hard-working people. This might be the first busy weekend that I don’t lose my mind.

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5 Responses to Motorcycle Rally

  1. satchel says:

    it was soooo hot today here in florida. people waiting in the heat for a table inside and the outside tables empty. where’d you get those misters anyway. what’s that all about?


    • KeenEye says:

      They’re AWESOME! I bought one set from Costco, and realized that I didn’t have enough so bought another from Home Depot (search both of their online sites for “misters”). I can adjust the volume of water being sprayed just by turning the hose down a bit. Easy installation, super comfortable customers. 🙂

  2. satchel says:

    we don’t have costco but home depot yes. i’ll call my gardener guy who put in our rain barrel watering system and hit him up to install misters. how much did you spend on the project? good idea.
    come to florida and eat some real pizza. ha… you can stay in the guest house.

    • KeenEye says:

      …about $40 on the instruments and I paid a few bills to the employee who installed it. And thanks for the invite, but I own a pizza place and don’t get time off. :o)

  3. satchel says:

    oh yeah, that’s right…. you can’t get across the country…
    i’m definitely looking into the misters…

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