Ridiculously Cool Art

I went to lunch with James yesterday. We went to the Main Event for a burger, then wandered around downtown. I rarely get a chance to wander and wanted to poke my head in a few new places. I’m so glad we did!

First off, there’s a new consignment store called Random Resales that I am in love with. New and old, antique and kitsch, furniture, glassware, and some of the nicest candles and soaps. I found some great gift items in what looked to be a “junk” store.

We then stopped in to the Short Term Art Gallery and both James and I were blown away! If you live in Baker City, you MUST go in and see the art on display from their featured artist, Chris Cole.

He has made moving sculptures from recycled bike parts, and I’m telling you, they are awesome. Awe a lot. Awe inspiring…

The sculptures stole our attention for quite a while, until I noticed that the paintings on the wall were by him as well. Bright, neon flashes with crazy patterns and thick movement; I’d love to meet this guy.

This little gallery is chock full of so much talent. Please, pop in there and fall in love with something.

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2 Responses to Ridiculously Cool Art

  1. Brian Vegter says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Short Term Gallery is choked full of amazing artists. When Chris and Sweet Pea come back to town I’ll make sure we bring them in to meet you.


    p.s did you see that dog artist or the trailer ladies work?

    • KeenEye says:

      HAH! I knew you’d wonder that… I saw a few paintings from that dog artist guy 🙂 and two trailer lamps. You two are both very talented. The other piece that stood out to me was the very large painting by Novak of the farm girl. She was so beautiful in her face, yet her hands were realistically old, as were her shoes. Like a “farmer’s daughter” who knows how to work hard for a living. I fell in love with her.

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