Tempting your Tastebuds

Lately, I’ve been on an anchovy kick. Normally, you couldn’t pay me to eat these things, but about a month ago I tried one yet again and surprisingly, I didn’t spit it out.

I ate another. And another.

The saltiness made me crave them!

We started running low at work, so I thought I’d pick some up at the grocery store.

Holy what the?  – they’re expensive!!!

And people wonder why we charge a double topping for them! Needless to say, I didn’t buy any, and we’re still on back-order for our case.

While in Boise this past week, we stopped at my favorite store in the entire world, the Boise Food Co-op.

They had a wide selection of anchovies, and I spent about ten minutes figuring out which ones to get.

I only bought ones that were imported from Italy, hoping to get something marvelous. The first tin wasn’t as good as the ones that we serve (in my opinion). I’m waiting until next week to try the ones wrapped around capers – a friend who likes anchovies will be in town and I’m going to share.

Another crazy thing I bought at the Co-op was this beer:

Strange, right?

We sampled it last night and I hate to admit this…

it was good.

Smelled just like a wet loaf of banana bread with walnuts, but the flavor wasn’t overpowering. I commented that I’d use it as an air freshener in my car, it was that fragrant. I’ll definitely buy it again the next time I find it on a shelf somewhere.

The stranger the flavor, the more I want to try it. Anchovies, brews, cheeses that make my eyes water… bring it on!

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4 Responses to Tempting your Tastebuds

  1. Jon says:

    “Hate to admit” you liked Banana Bread Beer? I’m a little disappointed in you. 😉

    I had this for the first time a couple of months ago. I thought it was pretty tasty, but definitely smells more like banana bread than it tastes.

    • KeenEye says:

      Crazy how intense the smell is, right? Like dense, wet, rich banana bread! I normally don’t like “fruity” beers, but this one was a nice surprise.

  2. Jason says:

    Really liked the Talatta brand! And no, I will never complain about having to pay extra for these delightful delicacies, especially when you always search for the best!!!!


  3. monkeyinabox says:

    Banana Bread Beer? Oh my. 😉

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