Elkhorn Cycling Classic weekend

Baker City hosted the Elkhorn Cycling Classic this past weekend.

It’s always one of our busiest weekends of the year, beginning on Thursday night and ending on Sunday night.

Thursday ended up being the busiest of all of the days, with tons of cyclists looking to carb load before their first race the next day. The nice part is that they all wanted to get to sleep early, so we ended up closing at our regular time.

Friday was busy, but Saturday allowed us some time to run downtown and watch some of the Gold Rush criterium. These cyclists are pushing 40-miles-per-hour on our 25mph streets, and you can just feel the wind whipping when they race by.

We got a text message to head back to work, and it was on like Donkey Kong.

We turned tables like DJs, rocking one full house after another. It was awesome. We sold a ton of gluten-free pizzas, lots of soy cheese and vegan meats, and a bunch of two-footers to large groups. Tired, sweaty, exhausted, and very hungry customers came and went, and again, we were able to get out at our normal closing time. Athletes are not partiers, at least, not when they’re competing.

We didn’t do any extra advertising for the event, except that we agreed to sponsor the final race and have pizzas available at the top of Dooley Mountain. I had more than a few diners mention that they were thankful that we did so, so that might have been the best advertising we could have done. MIL also hosted a women’s team who also spread the word of Paizano’s. We had two pizza challengers as well – both cyclists – neither of which were able to finish an entire giant pizza in 30 minutes.

We did have one special phone caller, too, who when told that we have a $15 minimum for delivery, he decided to cuss out our newest front gal. He dropped the F bomb twice, and then said, “You should be thankful to even have my business!”

I think he should be thankful to even eat my pie, and wish I had gotten to the phone to tell him to Bite Me. Turns out he’s a local, not one of the gracious visitors to the cycling event. That was a nice surprise. I can’t wait to meet him!

All in all it was a very productive, very rewarding weekend. June, so far, has been good.

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One Response to Elkhorn Cycling Classic weekend

  1. Mike Colombo says:

    Hiya, great blog! I worked as a pizza delivery driver, and while there created this Pizza Box Robot Monster entirely out of the “cut-off” pieces from pizza boxes. Hope you like it.

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