10-Barrel Brewing Company

I surprised my mom last weekend by showing up to celebrate her 60th birthday. I was able to get the front gals to cover my shifts, and Whitey pulled a double one of the days.

I really, truly love Bend, Oregon. I miss the views, the shopping, the restaurants (of course!) and my friends.

I don’t miss the traffic.

Seriously. The cars are overwhelming after living in Baker City for so long.

I went to lunch at the new 10 Barrel Brewing Company with my friends Shannon & Brian and their son, Ben.

They have roll-up garage doors so that even if you’re eating inside, you can enjoy the outside. And their patio is AWESOME!

The beer was delicious. We tried a sampler. Each. Be jealous.

A sampler of 10 two to three ounce pours was $10. Nice.

We started with the antipasto….

It was okay. I mean, how doctored can a simple appetizer plate be?

OK, that is, until I tried the salmon.

This was some of the best smoked salmon I’ve ever eaten. Shannon was nice enough to ignore it once she saw my rabid want for it. I asked our server what that “one particular flavor” was that I couldn’t place, then bet Shannon five bucks she wouldn’t be able to find out.

Sure enough, she came back with, “It’s a secret blend of spices, but he did say they use teriyaki, cracked pepper and mustard.”

Note to self: Must try to duplicate, ASAP!

We shared a pizza (I know, pizza? Really?) and it was good. I took some photos, but none were very worthy of showing to you. I prefer our crust more (shocker) but their use of cheese and toppings was very well put together.

I recommend getting the salmon antipasto, the S1nistor Black Ale, & the pulled pork sandwich (which was very good) if you’re ever at 10 Barrel.


more to come later

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3 Responses to 10-Barrel Brewing Company

  1. Shannon says:

    That salmon was amazing …

  2. Missy says:

    oh Bend. i miss Bend.

  3. Missy says:

    Oh, and I had to laugh at you griping about traffic in Bend! Come visit us here in the DC/Baltimore suburbs and you’ll never think that’s “traffic” again!

    Lucky to have a 12 mile commute on back roads

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