Baker has Bats

This thing was flopping around outside on our sidewalk.

Do you see it?


A hissing, gnarly, scary, pissed-off bat.

With pointy ears, black wings, and little white teeth under a furry, hideous nose.


I was terrified. Whitey said to go get a gun and we’d shoot it. I thought he was serious until he started cracking up laughing.

Not funny.

He said it looked injured and probably had a broken wing. That, plus the sunlight must be having him in excruciating pain. Thinking of any animal in pain makes me sad, so I begged him to get his boots on and step on him.

He wouldn’t do it.

Not wouldn’t.


He said he just didn’t have it in him, and left.

I watched the ugly thing flop around a bit and felt disgusted and sad at the same time.

So I called James, one of our kitchen guys. He showed up with a thick work glove, a shovel, and some real shoes on.

“Where’s the bat?” he asked.

It was gone.

This was only moments after the last sighting, so we searched for quite a while. The thing was gone. I don’t know if it flew off or was dragged off by a neighborhood cat.

But thought you should know. Baker has bats.

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One Response to Baker has Bats

  1. Noe Jones says:

    Awww, poor bat! We have TONS of them in Vegas. You should see them flying around over the Luxor.

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