Busiest weekend of the year

I would have thought that the Elkhorn Cycling Classic or the Hells Canyon Motorcycle rally would have proven to take this title.

This past week has kicked my arse.

Yesterday was just silly busy. Out of desperation, we summoned Whitey to work, and even then could have used two more warm bodies. It was awesome.

Had a lady come in and ask to turn down the music and turn up the TV volume. No problem, we said, as the World Cup was on.

She then sat down with a mason jar of clear liquid, and watched TV for the next two hours. She didn’t order anything, and didn’t bother anyone. Just sat and sipped out of her little jar and tried to contain her excitement for the game.

Another couple showed up to watch soccer as well, saying that they had stopped at numerous places along I-84 and had found no one open. Ahhhh, Sunday in Eastern Oregon. They were pretty excited to find us open and even more stoked when they saw the size of our slices. I love that reaction.

We ran out of cheese last week, and had to close an hour early. We also ran out of chicken a few days ago. Yesterday, we 86’d large pizzas when we used the last dough, and then depleted our entire supply of cheese minus one half pan (which won’t last 10 minutes during a rush). We got in one emergency case this morning, but I’m still going to make a drive to Boise this morning to pick up more. One case won’t last the day on the pace that we’ve been on.

It’s a good problem to have.

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2 Responses to Busiest weekend of the year

  1. Just wanted to add.. the outdoor dining is so fab! It was a gorgeous summer afternoon yesterday and the privacy and atmosphere of your patio is was a pleasant ‘get away’! Felt like a ‘stay cation’ for us – to go to our favorite pool, then to your place for a wonderful lunch.
    Your restaurant is a very special place to my kids – and me!

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