Not so quick road trip

We were about to run out of cheese, so Kris and I jumped in the truck for a quick drive to Boise to pick up some. We had planned on being back fairly quickly.

Not so fast….

(traffic cam)

We called work and let them know that a vehicle had caught on fire and we had no way out.

You could hear the sarcasm in return, “Mmmm hmmm. A fire? All lanes are blocked, eh?”

Yes, we’re normally late because we can’t help but go shopping, but this was legit!

(Credit: Gary Salzman/KTVB)

While we were complaining about the traffic, this poor guy lost everything he owned. He said later that he had all of his possessions in the truck, and was trailing his boat and jet ski. He and his dog survived, but now have nothing. Makes you realize how fortunate you are when you hear of things like this.

We were pretty late to work, and had only one half pan of mozzarella left when we showed up, but it all worked out for us in the end.

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One Response to Not so quick road trip

  1. Holy crap!!! I was in that exact area yesterday! I hauled 3 beef and 20 lambs yesterday to Nampa – I left at 5:30 am, and take the Garrity exit.. I got back on the Interstate about 11:30 am Idaho time to come back.. I missed this! Thank GOD! This is the 2nd time someone upstairs let me get through.. last time I missed the ‘moving van’ accident near Durkee, by 10 minutes…. again, with a trailer hauling animals.
    Poor guy…lucky dog!

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