Not so funny LOL

A little old lady drove her car into Paizano’s yesterday.

She mistook the brake for the gas and plowed into a customer’s bicycle, which in turn was demolished by the building.

Bike sandwich.

The l.o.l was shaken up, of course, and the owner of the bike was none too pleased.

I looked at the brighter side… men in uniform! 🙂

The damage to the building seemed minimal at first, but we soon realized that the wall is cracked all the way through to the dining room. Ouch. That’s quite an impact.

It could have been worse. Someone could have been on the bike. Or, it could have been during our recent Cascade Cycling Classic and one of the many $5,000 bikes could have been demolished.

I just felt bad for the l.o.l. She left without eating anything.

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7 Responses to Not so funny LOL

  1. Jon's wife says:

    Oh my! That’s what insurance is for?!

  2. Brian Vegter says:

    I think you meant the Elkhorn Classic. The Cascade Classic is in Bend. Chris Cole is coming this weekend if you want to meet him. See ya soon.


    • KeenEye says:

      DOH! Yes, the Elkhorn Classic. That’s funny, I even read “Cascade” again because I felt is was misspelled… it just didn’t look right. And I’d love to meet the mad genius behind that amazing art.

  3. Mom says:

    Please tell me she was alot older than me !!!
    Hope the old gal is okay and maybe wants to start taking a cab around town.

  4. satchel says:

    i just saw on your blog that 145000 people are regular readers of this blog? wow. that seems so crazy! couldn’t you be making a living selling ads or something? i think i have about 30 people reading mine. ha.

  5. Missy says:

    Scary. I hope the restaurant can be repaired. Glad everyone made it through. Poor bike.

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