This past weekend was the Shriner’s East / West football game.

Coincidentally, Saturday was the busiest day we’ve had since opening our doors almost three years ago. We broke all of our sales records, the crew made their highest amount of tips ever, and the best part? Nothing went wrong. Pizzas were perfect, no missing items, no slip n’ falls, no remakes. It was strangely Zen-like.

The Chamber asks local businesses to decorate their windows for one of the players, which we’ve always done.

I like to make sure that we go all out and impress our sponsored player. Grabbing a window marker and writing their name just doesn’t cut it.

First, we started by dressing up our in-house statue. We posted tons of photos around him, placing a few on a side table as well as decorating the wall.

Then, the front window was painted.

How cool was my tiger?

I was bummed to see him washed off after the game.


I really, really, really like our new dishwasher. He’s very organized and incredibly fast.

He’s got a touch of OCD, making sure to stack all of the bowls in order of size.


We ran out of beer on Tuesday. No keg backups, either. Our reach-in cooler was practically empty as well, so I stayed late after work to stock as much as I could.

We were able to get a special delivery on Wednesday of a couple of kegs. It’s frustrating when we run out of something. Dough, cheese, a popular topping  for pizza, beer….


Had some Canadian tourists come in this week. They mentioned that we served them the best pizza they’d ever had, and that they eat a lot of pizza while touring.



Summer’s been good to us. Long hours, busy rushes, but a great crew and steady customers keep us (partially) sane.

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