Dog Sitting

I really, really love taking care of other peoples’ dogs when they leave town.

Our two boys train them well. I say “Kitchen” and they all go into the kitchen.

I say “Time Out” and they walk into the office.

I say “Outside and go party” (sounds better than potty) and they walk out the back door and do their business.

And “Who’s hungry?” gets the pack rallied around their dinner dishes.

We’ve got WallEye with us right now, and the dog is so stinkin’ cute. He just curls up on my lap at night and just snores like a rockstar.

He can also lick his own nose.

The other one I love is Kristen’s boy, Todd. We call him Tick because he’s barely a dog. Just a tiny little thing that wants nothing more than to make you happy.

Max, our rottweiler, is infatuated with him. They are lovers, brothers, and great friends.

I wonder why.

It’s Max’s MiniMe!

One day, I’ll live somewhere with acreage and have dogs.

Lots of dogs.

Cesar Millan will be jealous.

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1 Response to Dog Sitting

  1. Noe Jones says:

    OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Outside and go party” thing! I am totally teaching my dogs that. Also, my retirement plan is to buy a ranch and rescue mostly dogs in my old age, but pretty much any animal. Let’s be neighbors!

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