It’s hot… Holy hot!

For Juan’s birthday, I made a beautiful Chicken Enchilada pizza and bought habanero peppers to put on top of it.

He smiled when I pulled them out of the walk-in, and I then asked if he eats them whole.

“Si,” he said, smiling, and took a bite.

James, being a typical 19-year-old, thought it would be a good idea to eat one as well.

We all watched as James took a tiny nibble, then a normal bite of the bright orange pepper.

While I don’t have a photo or video to show you of James and the pepper, this should suffice:

Juan could not stop giggling like a little girl, and James? Well, James clocked out and went next door to In n’ Out for an icecream cone which he not-so-gracefully shoved in his face for the next ten minutes.

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One Response to It’s hot… Holy hot!

  1. Tom says:

    Nothing pretty about severe chemical burns.

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