New pies, time flies.

I just got home ten minutes ago, washed my face, and am now sitting down waiting for my Unisom to kick in. Today was eventful, and fairly busy.

One of our front gals came up with a new word tonight:


Instead of writing instead of she wrote steada.

It’s now in our regular vocabulary in the back of the house.


Ahhhhh, Artichokes. These buggers have been bugging me lately. Whitey was special ordering sliced artichoke hearts, and I noticed that they were from Thailand or India. Seems awfully far for a vegetable to travel, right? So then one of our food vendors substituted us some quartered artichoke hearts and they were AMAZING! It took a little prep time to slice them, but the flavor was oh-so-much better.

I noticed tonight that we’re out of the good hearts, so I plan on taking the bland ones and making an artichoke jalapeno dip out of them. The only problem? The tails suck.

They’re tought and gnarly. After taking the bottom leaves off of the heart, this is what I’m left with. What’s the point of paying by the pound when you throw away this much product?


I’ve been trying to implement a few new menu items, but have been fighting with my graphic software to get the actual menu to print.

I’d finish the entire layout, complete all of the typeset, and save it as a pdf… only to open the file and find jibberish. Almost as if it were hieroglyphics.


I’ve given up on saving it as a pdf and am printing it directly from Illustrator. I still have a few snafus, but at least I have the new pies printed on the menu.

What new pies, you ask?

The Hot Juan with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce blended with marinara, then topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, jalapenos, onions, caramelized garlic & pepperjack cheese.

Chili Cheese Frito with a meaty chili sauce, mozzarella, ground beef, yellow onions, Tillamook cheddar, black olives, then topped with Frito corn chips and a drizzle of sour cream.

The Blue Rooster with Frank’s Red Hot sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, tons of gorgonzola, & red onions.

We’re also introducing personal-sized pies which have become pretty popular in the last couple of weeks (when we’ve offered them as a special).

Anywho. Got done printing out the menus this afternoon, then began the arduous process of updating our POS software. It took a good three hours after closing to get everything imputed, and then I spent another hour washing our “special” boards and re-writing them.

And now here I am. Home. Antsy. Anxious. Fidgety.

I’ve discovered Unisom, though, and it truly helps me to get a full night’s sleep.

Go ahead and spread the word; I’m a pill popper.

I’m off to read my third E-Myth book and hopefully doze off on the sofa. Tomorrow’s Friday. I’ll need a good night’s sleep.

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One Response to New pies, time flies.

  1. Pizza Girl says:

    Those specials sound delicious! It I were pizza adventuring to your place I’d definitely try the Chili Cheese Frito.

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