Cindy Allen

My cousin Cindy passed away yesterday. She was a hard-working, honest, funny and kind woman.

I just wanted to send my love to all of my Allen clan who are aching and sad right now.

I’m at a loss for words whenever this kind of hurt happens to people that I love. Cindy is okay now; it’s her friends and family her are in pain.

Big hugs, and much Aloha.

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2 Responses to Cindy Allen

  1. Mom /Nancy says:

    This is so very sad.Uncle Fred called me out of the blue yesterday ,He just wanted to chat. We talked about all the kids and Grandma Ruth.But most of all he talked about Cindy and how hard things had been for her with all the illness . You hurt more for your children than you can ever hurt for yourself. Love and Aloha, Cindy. Love and Aloha, All. My heart is with you. Nancy

  2. So sorry to hear, just hang in there. it’s so hard to watch people you love going through that… I think worse than how sad you can feel yourself. Give your pups & man some extra snuggles tonight.

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