Schooling Me

The first day of school was yesterday, and man oh man did it kick our butts.

There’s a whole new crop of kids that need to be trained, and I’m certain that sometime in the near future we’ll have to have the “if you loosen the tops of the peppers again, you’ll be 86’d and have to explain to your parents why they can’t bring you to dinner here in the future” talk.

Our sales weren’t so much over average, only our transactions, which leads me to believe that normal, adult customers see the kids and do a quick about-face to head somewhere else. The kids spend an average of $3-4 each; the adults about $8-9 each, so the math makes sense.

Yet, it’s eleven minutes of kids. Eleven minutes of a high school hurricane and then the calm after the storm. I want to chase the adults into the parking lot and tell them WAIT! They’ll leave soon! I promise!

Some of the remnants yesterday weren’t of pizza and Cokes; some ate their home lunches in our dining room, and a few brought in outside food from other eateries. I don’t mind the kids that bring in their own lunches if they’re joining a group of friends who are purchasing lunch from us — not everyone can afford to eat out for lunch and I understand that. It’s the ones who bring in Subway or Albertson’s fried chicken or In n’ Out from next door that bother me.  They spend their lunch money elsewhere, take up a table that could be for a paying customer, and then leave the trash for us to pick up.


We changed the readerboard to say “NEW CHILI CHEESE FRITO PIZZA PIE” and have been selling a ton of these crazy pizzas. Other than a couple of mentions on our Facebook page, the readerboard is the only place we’ve advertised it. It’s a strange pizza, yes, but everyone seems to really like it.

We also added a couple of appetizer dips; a spicy artichoke jalapeno and a mild artichoke spinach dip. We serve them hot with either freshly toasted crostinis &/or Frito corn chips. It’s had a great response from our customers as well as our staff, who often ask to make a dish to share at night.


Wheat prices are about to skyrocket again. Our flour rep warned us of huge price increases, and today is the last day to purchase our 50lb. sacks at last week’s prices. Whitey is going to order as many bags as will stack to the ceiling, but other than that, we’re doomed to higher food costs again. There’s no way of knowing how long the price hike will be in effect, either. If we knew it would last months, I’d gladly rent a storage unit to store the bags in and purchase pallets of them.


Final photo:

I hope this doesn’t become a trend, but we’ve been getting more and more requests for multiple sauces on a pie. They take much longer to make, holding up the tickets behind it, and needing a bit more attention so as not to put incorrect toppings on the wrong sauce.

1/4 Aloha
1/4 Besto Pesto
1/2 Bueno Taco

Cut in squares.

We’ve had people send back their pizza to be remade if we forget to cut the pie in squares when they’ve requested it. I feel like marching out with a knife and cutting it into tiny finger food morsels instead.


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5 Responses to Schooling Me

  1. Missy says:

    Love those multi-sauce pies. That’s how you keep customers, even if it is a PITA to make!

    We need a picture of the CHILI CHEESE FRITO PIZZA PIE.

    And a few half-baked pies (you know what kind) frozen and shipped east. YUM. Dammit.

  2. Mom says:

    I know that when we go out for a nice dinner and want to bring a bottle of wine from home we pay a corkage fee. Why not charge a fee for food from other places , say 25 cents for home lunches and $2.00 for food from other retail sources? I know that 2 bucks sounds high but we pay a $15 fee to enjoy our wine in the atmosphere of a great place.

  3. Noe Jones says:


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