Dog Dentist

Max needs braces.

He was sleeping, fangs bared, eyes rolled back in his head, paws straight up in the air…

I snapped a few photos because this boy? He is just so dang beautiful!

I don’t mind the snores. It’s the snoring out of the other end that can vacate a room.

But seriously, Max is one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever known, and I’m so glad he’s our boy. He’s asleep at my feet as I type this, snorting and pawing at the air. I just don’t understand people who don’t absolutely adore dogs. I’d have herds and gaggles of them if I had the time and finances to take care of them all.

Unconditional love. These boys bring it.

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1 Response to Dog Dentist

  1. Noe Jones says:

    I’m with you girl. I just got a roommate who is nice to my dogs, but clearly not an animal person, which just baffles me. I’m pretty sure that’s one step away from sociopath…

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