To char or not to char?

These are small slices of our Red Potato pizza.

They’re from the same crew pie, only the one on top was put into the oven for a little longer, to get a nice char on the bottom.

I love the char. I wish I could serve every pie with a nice, leopard spotted bottom side. When you get that *crunch* when you bite into the slice, and the cheese is perfectly melted with a touch of chew… it’s just perfect.

However, we’ll get the food sent back to the kitchen with the comment that it’s “burnt”, so we end up just remaking the exact same item and keeping the bottom a cafe latte color.

I think about the servers who ask how you’d like your steak done… and I wonder if I should start asking the same thing about our pies.

“Ahhh, the Sweet Thai pizza. Excellent choice. And how would you like that cooked?”

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3 Responses to To char or not to char?

  1. Jen says:

    Have you ever read “The Oatmeal”? If not, stop everything and go read this, just for starters:

    I wonder if he’ll work on contract? You could hire him to make a comic about why char rocks… 🙂

  2. satchel says:

    i’ve often thought of giving customers 3 choices” light, medium or right.” but it would make it so difficult on the cooks. we have 3 large ovens so often times we have over 20 pies or zones cooking at once. we just cook them either medium or right (with char) and it works for the most part. some get sent back but usually only one every week or two. we’ve been on the mission of “re-training” the customer for 7 years now. too much hungry howie’s in their past sometimes. cook it . keep cooking it. darker. there, that’s it.

    nice post.

  3. jb says:

    So glad you brought it up. I’m with you and the leopard bottom, but I’ve never been comfortable asking for a “well done” pie for fear of offending. No longer!

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