Hello Deliciousness!

Name that pizza!

Mystery Crew Pie

No sauce, just the sauteed juices from the protein which was done in a skillet with pure butter, garlic, and salt with a splash of (unbelievably thick & gorgeous) port wine. Whole-milk mozzarella and thinly-diced green onions (I really wanted scallions, but couldn’t find any in town) made this pie perfect.


Perfectly crunchy, salty, cheesy, garlicky and flavorful.

And the protein is????

Definitely not served anywhere in Baker City, this I’ll say. In fact, besides myself and Kristen, no one working at our restaurant had ever eaten it before. And yet, even the 19-year-olds liked it.

I’m expanding their taste bud horizons….

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9 Responses to Hello Deliciousness!

  1. Cheela says:

    Is that snails?

  2. Missy says:

    Octopus? Chicken livers? Scrapple? Do tell…

  3. Pizza Girl says:

    Call it “Just Trust Me and Try It”.

    Was the protein nutria?

  4. Cheela says:

    By the way do I get a prize for guessing the right ingredent? I will be waiting for the Fedex truck to come with my prize.

  5. Cheela says:

    Do you have my address to send my winnings to? I won the top prize for the correct answer for the most disgusting pizza.

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