Sign Woes


Our side sign


The front sign at our restaurant is out. The lights haven’t worked in months. It’s not the first time, either.

The last time we had it fixed, it was ridiculously expensive. Only a few weeks afterward, the sign on the side of the building (pictured above) went out. We called a different “fixer” and it, too, was pretty spendy (although a few hundred dollars less). It was still close to a thousand bucks to get the sign to light up again. That’s just silly money.


spliced and diced sign


So we’ve chosen to ignore the signage out front, and have been relying on the lights from the street sign, side sign, and patio lights. Business is still strong, even without the main building sign being lit up.

However, I’ve noticed that the vinyl lettering on the signs are beginning to separate. Can you see the little white line splicing the letters? It’s irritating.

I don’t want to pay to have new lettering made. These signs are three years old! I’m tempted to go up on a ladder with a black Sharpie and just color it in.

Whitey says that I’m being OCD and that I’m the only one who notices it.

Not anymore! 🙂

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