The bike shop behind our restaurant was broken into recently, and (from what I’ve hear) three bikes were stolen.

Another restaurant down the street (The Little Pig) told one of our front gals that she, too, was broken into and things were taken.

One of our employees had his back window shattered on his car while parked on D street right next to our restaurant, and I noticed that another truck down the street recently applied plastic wrap and duct tape to his back window as well.

And then, a neighbor and friend had this happen.

We have alarms and cameras at Paizano’s, but I’m wondering if it’s enough. I think we should get really bright motion detector lights as well.

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2 Responses to Grrrrr

  1. JC says:

    The best security system is a dog period. Good old Bend has a rash of crime, murders, assualts and break-ins going on right now. Lots of rif-raf came here looking for opportunity when times were good and now they are just plain desperated. My truck alone has been broken into twice! And I live in an upscale neighborhood. Doesn’t help when the police just slap them on the wrists and send them on there way.

  2. Brian Vegter says:

    Our insurance agent was telling me about the break ins on Monday. Foreshadowing? Thanks for the link.


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