Still here

Just dealing.

Obviously a lot going on and I haven’t found the time to divert any sort of mental capacity towards updating everyone.

Yes, I even got rid of my personal Facebook page. This must be for real, right?

Started the morning today with a 3 a.m. phone call from our security company that our alarm was at full swing, and police were dispatched. The operator kept asking what my “secret code” was and I couldn’t remember… it was THREE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING so I hung up on her and raced to the restaurant.

It was our FSA delivery guys, swearing up and down that it was an alarm malfunction, not human error. Yeah. Right. They had already turned off the sirens and were about to leave.

Spent the day wrapping gifts that still haven’t been sent off to those I most care about. But then again, those I most care about don’t care that they’re going to be late, so whatever. I chose not to re-read that last sentence. I hope it made sense.

I’m in the office at work, listening to my crew closing the line, scraping the ovens, running the dishwasher. It’s a soothing sound. You’d be surprised how many people like pizza on Christmas Eve. We close in 7 minutes, and I’m going to go home, pop a little blue sleep-aid pill, and find the deepest part of a recliner to curl up in.

And I’m going to ignore the official looking thick envelopes that came in the mail today. I need a better tomorrow. Sorry if that sounded sad. I promise I’ll be back to my cheerful normal self soon. Bah humbug, eh? 🙂

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5 Responses to Still here

  1. satchel says:

    my alarm company called me at 5:30 a couple days ago to tell me i had a “low battery signal.” well, can’t you tell me that at 9 am?! i can’t go get a new battery at radio shack at 5:30 in the morning! the phone call woke up first me and my wife, then my son and then my daughter. NONE of us got back to sleep and when the kids were breaking down every 5 minutes, my wife kept saying that ADT security should have to babysit all day them when they call that early.
    how’s whitey anyway? what ever caused him to seize up? do they even know?

  2. Andi Sexton says:

    Peace be with you and Whitey at this time… Hang in there. Hope tomorrow brings a better day, and then the one after.

  3. Jon's wife says:


  4. shannon says:

    I noticed your page gone yesterday. I hope you know we’re all thinking good thoughts for you and yours. Take care.

  5. adrienne says:

    Kudos for simplifying your life by removing your FB page. I’ll miss seeing you, but I know how to find you : )
    I hope you had a much deserved relaxing Christmas surrounded by your pups and your miracle man. The new year has wonderful things in store for you.
    Much love …

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