Breaking the Big Screen

I recently bought a brand new big screen TV for half the price of a new one. I found it online on a government-seized auction website, and picked it up in Boise after I submitted the winning bid.


We hired someone (he’d been on the original crew who remodeled the restaurant back in ’07) to come in and hang it. After it was placed, I felt it was too overwhelming where it was, and asked him to come back in a few days later to hang it in a different corner.

A few hours after the final job was done, a loud crash came from the dining room. The TV had ripped out of the drywall, and lay on the floor, its screen shattered behind a wall of safety glass.

An absolute bummer, yes, but no one was hurt. The cost of the TV was less than our insurance deductible, so it was a total loss.

But not really.


One of our newest employees, Buehler, was having the the other night. He had been pulled over while delivering (he’d forgotten to turn on his headlights) and then burnt a giant pizza by forgetting it in the bottom oven. He was pretty sure he was going to be fired, and hung his head all night after I reprimanded him for the previous mistakes. I felt bad for him.

But not really.


The broken TV looked completely normal from the backside, and had been left in my office leaning up against my desk.

A plan hatched and I let James know about my devious, horrible idea. He immediately agreed to help.

At the end of the night, while doing a walk-through with Buehler of the kitchen, I asked him what he bench pressed.

“About 230,” he said, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Cool!” I replied. “Maybe you can help me then. I have a contractor coming in really early tomorrow morning to hang our new big screen – it’s right there in my office – but I need to lock the office tonight and don’t want to have to come in so early tomorrow. Can you lift that thing? It’s pretty heavy. I just need it taken out by the pinball games and leaned against the wall out there.”

“Of course,” he said, looking relieved to help.

He walked over to the TV and squatted down, lifting the enormous thing with a little effort. I led the way towards the dining room, then announced that I was going to clean the bathrooms and detoured into the hallway. I struggled to get my video camera to work as fast as I could and then tiptoed to the edge of the hallway behind Buehler just as he passed me with the TV.

WARNING: there are a few choice words uttered in the background from people who weren’t in on the plot. If this bothers you, just turn your volume all the way down and enjoy the facial expressions without sound.

Suffice to say, Buehler ended the night with a bang!

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3 Responses to Breaking the Big Screen

  1. courtney says:

    That was halarious!! Nite crew has all the fun! Still.laughing!

  2. Pizza Gril says:

    OOOO, what kind of pinball machines do you have?

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