The Mad Sweeper

In any professional kitchen, you’re going to find debris on the floor. In a pizza kitchen, you’ll find flour and/or pizza toppings spilled.

We are constantly sweeping to keep the mess from accumulating. If the servers walk through flour in the kitchen, it tends to get tracked into the dining room creating white footprints on our carpet.

No bueno.

Everyone has their own sweeping style. Some are fast, while others take short, precise strokes with the broom.

But Kristen? She’s violent. Beware if blondie grabs a broom, because your ankles are in for a world of hurt. She can sweep a kitchen in 15-seconds, but get the heck of her way while she does it. She also likes to leave the broom leaning against whatever project you’re in the middle of. Just a habit, I guess.

Jake decided to show you in this educational video how Kristen sweeps.

You’re welcome.

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